ParentingThe kids’ room: The décor, the feel of it
The kids’ room: The décor, the feel of it


The kids’ room: The décor, the feel of it

A house is a collection of many a material components and gadgets within a stipulated place. What makes a house different from home is the human factor. And that is but naturally attributed to the presence to your family members- your dear darling little ones in the forefront! So, now as you think about setting up a place for them- their room, you have to go beyond the basics of a comfortable bed, or a kid-friendly loo. In fact what makes this activity of setting up one’s kid’s room is the sheer variety and the thrill of the most vibrant of the corner of the home.

Tips to look for setting up your kid’s room


The kids may be kids in size, yet they are a world different from what you were when you were one. And also, as a parent you are much more open and aware of your kid’s possible likes and the possible inconveniences that a badly, or a hurriedly done up room could pose.

Some of the ways to spruce up your little one’s space would be:

1. Create Mini Art Galleries: Now, as it can be termed ‘art galleries’, yet this would be a major area for your dear one to show off and pent away the energy so innate to that age. So, facilitate this and create a space on the walls of the room, giving the right impetus to go artist like!

2. Collect Pieces Over Time: There could be furniture, say that small chair that you have not used in many a tears. You could jolly well place it in your child’s room, and many such pieces that may not make instant sense, to brighten it up. Also, save on items that they will quickly outgrow, say a crib or toddler bed.

3. Choose the paint for the walls bright: Most of the stores sell new forms of paint additives which glow in darkness. Now, don’t restrict it to the mere horizontal and vertical spreads, but try painting moon, stars, and different formations of stars and more on the ceiling or corners of the bedroom. This is one way to get them switch off the lights bang on time to sleep and also enjoy a feel of being in their own world.

4. Grab wall tattoos, wall posters and wall decals in different themes that match your kid’s tastes and likes. From superman to spider man to fairy tale princesses and more; get all of them into their room.

5. Reset Carpet Remnants: That can include even the stained ones! Or just teat them and tape them in any random manner. It gives a chic look!

6. Shop at economy stores or places where a sale is on. They always give you the best deal both in terms of quality and quantity, apart from the major variety. Give a fresh coating of paint to damaged or outdated furniture and grab an absolutely new look and feel within minutes.

So, go kidding, with setting up your kid’s place!

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