Phoenix, AZ Auto Insurance – Find a policy that Fits

Simply put, it is tempting for people living in Phoenix, AZ who are in a tight financial situation to get only the bare minimum coverage when choosing their Phoenix auto insurance: bodily injury and property damage liability, which basically covers (up to a limited dollar amount, depending on what you choose) damage caused by you in an accident to someone else’s body or vehicle. It is not hard to see why people do this, because comprehensive coverage sometimes costs twice as much or more than limited liability, depending on the auto insurance company and the driver’s record, of course. Let’s say for example that a family could save $60 a month by having only limited liability auto insurance. That is $500 a year, and they could hardly be blamed for trying to save if they are barely able to afford their other bills.

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But let’s take a closer look. When a family in Phoenix, AZ is on a tight budget, the last thing they could afford to do is be able to buy a new car unexpectedly in the case of an accident, or worse, be forced to deal with medical expenses resulting from the accident. Suddenly, that $60 a month looks like a drop in the bucket. Auto insurance is meant to provide security against having to spend large amounts of money in case of accidents. Rarely in an accident is there only damage to one car. The good news is, if you get a quote today you may be surprised to find cheaper auto insurance that will allow you to have comprehensive coverage for only slightly more than what you are currently paying for limited liability. It’s worth it to get a quote today