TravelTravel not for the sake of it but to cherish it
Travel not for the sake of it but to cherish it

Travel not for the sake of it but to cherish it

Travel is defined as the movement of the people in between relatively distant geographical places or locations. Travel can be by foot, bus, train, bicycle, automobile, boat, airplane, or even other means. Travel can also be includes the relatively short stays in between the successive movements.



There are many kinds of reasons for travelling they include recreation, tourism or vacationing or a research travel, travel to gather some information, visiting to friends place or relatives, volunteer travel for the charity, migration to start life somewhere, religious travel & mission trips, travel for the purpose of business, trade, commuting, & other type of reasons. Travelers who are travelling may use various means of travelling like human-powered transport like walking or bicycling; or vehicles, like public transport, automobiles, trains & also airplanes.

We travel for different reasons, but interesting to note that the vacations are usually referred as “getaways.” Sometimes, we are not even realizes that we are traveling to get escape like an escape from the work, stress & responsibilities which are weighed down with at the home. Motives for the travel include: pleasure, getting know about other cultures, relaxation, discovery and exploration, taking some personal and lonely time for building up the interpersonal relationships.

Travel can be national (domestic), regional or local or international. For some countries, non-local internal travel will requires an internal passport, while in case of international travel generally requires a passport & a visa. A travel or a trip can also be part of the round-trip, which was a kind of travel where a person will moves from one location to the another location and returns.

• Traveling around the world was not at all a hard, it is actually something where everyone should be able to go at least one time in their lives.

• People you meet while you are travelling will become some of the most valued names in your contact list. These folks who meet you will give you the glimpse outside the hometown circle of the friends & force to take in new & refreshing perspectives in your lives & ultimately realize you that everyone are the same.

• Travel was the most enjoyable moments of joy & challenges in your life. Overcoming all the challenges will gives you some of the biggest and greatest joys of all.

• Travel also teaches you the economy, geography, politics, history, and sociology in an intense.

• Meeting people from the other cultures will also teach you that the way you have been looking at world is not the way everybody will look. Seeing the world will also improve your vision & also your grip on the reality.

• Travel helps you move forward

• Travel is a kind of education

 • Travel will challenges you to reach your targets

• Traveling will always proves that dreams do come true

• Travel is also a food for your thought.

Travel will always starts out with an urge to be somewhere that we are not.

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